"Tribute to The Memphis Group" Short Film by Euisoo Lim | STASH MAGAZINE

“Tribute to The Memphis Group” Short Film by Euisoo Lim

Motion designer Euisoo Lim in Seoul, South Korea: “This video is a personal tribute to the Memphis Group founded by Ettore Sottsass and his colleagues in 1981 to showcase their furniture and lighting products. [Read more]

"It Can Be Anything" Short Film by Ryan Bergmann | STASH MAGAZINE

“It Can Be Anything” Short Film by Ryan Bergmann

Toronto filmmaker Ryan Bergmann explores pure creativity in this mini-doc based on the work and philosophy of Rachel Doucette, an artist whose open-mindedness and inclusivity are both refreshing and inspiring. [Read more]

"Synced" Short Film by Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Synced” Short Film by Fabian Aerts

In his latest personal work, Belgian CD, motion designer, and 3D artist Fabian Aerts collaborates with Polish musician/producer Jutrø to explore society’s fascination with recognition, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. [Read more]

Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in "Mother's Milk" | STASH MAGAZINE

Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in “Mother’s Milk”

Created as both a short film and a VR exhibition, director/animator/illustrator Sofia Pashaei describes her personal project Mother’s Milk as an investigation of the perception of womanhood. [Read more]

New Short Film by Emily Downe for Theos Think Tank Asks Where You Stand

Director/animator Emily Downe in London: “This short animation explores the concept of ‘Worldview’ – working in collaboration with Theos Think Tank, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University.” [Read more]

"Mountain and Sea" Short Film by StudioTDL | STASH MAGAZINE

“Mountain and Sea” Short Film by Seoul’s StudioTDL

Sehyun Hong and Yeju Jeon, designers at StudioTDL in Seoul, South Korea: “Through the video, we explored the shapes of natural objects in the mountains and seas and expressed the encounter and harmony between natural and artificial objects to help discover new feelings. [Read more]