Ital Tek The Mirror Music Video Karl Poyzer | STASH MAGAZINE

Karl Poyzer Explores Ambient Architecture in New Ital Tek Music Video “The Mirror”

UK director/animator/cinematographer Karl Poyzer, who we know best from his hilarious Floaters short films, steers a more ambient and austere course for this music video, a full-CG effort for Britsh composer/producer Ital Tek. [Watch]

Stash issue 152 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Stash 151 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Floaters The Big Number 2 Karl Poyzer Joseph Roberts | STASH MAGAZINE

Sci-fi Comedy “Floaters: The Big Number 2” by Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts

A prison break film like no other, Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts’ follow up to their 2020 animated sci-fi parody Floaters features the voices of Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State) and Joel Fry (Cruella, Game Of Thrones). [Watch]

Floaters short film by Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Floaters” Short Film by Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts

Although we never actually see them, I feel safe saying the three characters in Karl Poyzer and Joe Roberts’ new animated comedy “Floaters,” are some of the most endearing and clearly defined in recent memory. [Watch]

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