“First Kiss” Animated Poem by Hannah Jacobs for TED-Ed

UK director/animator Hannah Jacobs: “I was delighted to bring to life Tim Siebles poem First Kiss as part of TED-Ed’s series There’s a Poem for That. [Watch]

Closed Visit by Jade Evans animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Closed Visit” by Jade Evans

If you’ve experienced any side of the single-parent equation (as a child or parent), this quiet short film from London animator/illustrator Jade Evans will certainly resonate and possibly spring a tear or two. [Watch]

Dodie “Secret for the Mad” by Hannah Jacobs

UK director/animator Hannah Jacobs’ lends a childlike illustrative whimsy to the delicate and highly personal track “Secret for the Mad” by English singer-songwriter, author, and YouTuber Dorothy Miranda “Dodie” Clark. [Watch]

Toto Bono Lokua Ma Mama | STASH MAGAZINE

Katy Wang: Toto Bono Lokua “Ma Mama” Music Video

Partizan director Katy Wang brings brings a soft and tactile child-like charm to this video for “Ma Mama” by Toto Bono Lokua, a French band made up of singers from French Martinique, Cameroon, and the Republic of Congo. [Watch]

Selfridges Material world | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast: Selfridges “Material World”

Freshly-signed Strange Beast director Anna Ginsburg explores sustainability issues in the fashion world with this inviting and inventive 2D brand film based on illustrations by Sara Andreasson for UK luxury department store Selfridges. [Watch]