Hannah Jacobs Healing Classrooms International Rescue Committee | STASH MAGAZINE

Hannah Jacobs Looks Inside “Healing Classrooms” for the International Rescue Committee

Director Hannah Jacobs in London: “I had the pleasure of working alongside the humanitarian NGO International Rescue Committee to produce this short animation based on conversations with refugee children about their experience starting school after fleeing war and conflict.” [Watch]

Katy Wang Gabriel Greenough On Being | STASH MAGAZINE

Katy Wang and Gabriel Greenough Look at Joy and Human Flourishing for On Being

New London-based directing duo Katy Wang and Gabriel Greenough seamlessly weave 2D and 3D animation into a dreamlike celebration of the natural world for On Being, the podcast hosted by journalist and author Krista Tippett. [Watch]

Katy Wang and T Brand Studio for Eileen Fisher Sustainable Fashion | STASH MAGAZINE

Katy Wang and T Brand Studio for Eileen Fisher Sustainable Fashion

Blinkink director Katy Wang and the NY Times’ T Brand Studio make the case for combatting textile waste in this animated work highlighting the ongoing sustainable fashion initiatives of US apparel brand Eileen Fisher. [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview the Incredible Work Selected for Stash 138

The Stash Permanent Collection just keeps growing with the latest bundle of motion brilliance included on STASH 138 – another feast of design, animation, and VFX projects curated to keep you inspired and informed. [Watch]

Outer_Monologues Mailchimp Joy Bryant by Kay Wang | STASH MAGAZINE

“Outer Monologue: Joy Bryant” by Katy Wang

Director/designer Katy Wang in London: “Outer Monologues is a new series produced by Pop Up Magazine productions and presented by Mailchimp. This one’s about the actor Joy Bryant and her experiences going to boarding school and how she finds balance in her life.” [Watch]

Blinkink director Katy Wang | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Katy Wang Signs with Blinkink

Animation director Katy Wang has officially joined Blinkink. Her work plays with the senses in a way that lends an authentically human element to all of her visuals, with an animation style which brings playful characters to life through bold colors and textural brush strokes. [Watch]