Ash Thorp Orion Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Ash Thorp and Friends Unveil the “Orion” Trailer

Designer/director Ash Thorpe offers a 90-second preview of his newest motion art project Orion, which he describes as “an intense glimpse into a story of sacrifice and violence explored through the lens of fantasy and myth.” [Watch]

Newlab at Michigan Central Explainer by Lunar North | STASH MAGAZINE

Lunar North Brings the Future of Mobility to Life for Newlab

The crew at Detroit design, animation, and post studio Lunar North help clarify the mission of Newlab’s newest deep-tech incubator in the heart of their city with this approachable and engaging explainer. [Watch]

Typeface generative AI explainer Leftchannel | STASH MAGAZINE

Typeface Launch Film Offers a Peek into the Future of AI in Design and Branding

If you were wondering just how and when AI could impact the design/branding industry, this explainer from Leftchannel for San Francisco generative AI company Typeface should provide clarity on both fronts. [Watch]

Johnnie Walker Blue Taste Experience film by Inertia Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to the Johnnie Walker Blue ASMR Taste Experience

Hot on the heels of their energized Helfare spot, the CG team at Inertia Studios in London downshifts to an ASMR vibe in this multi-sensory experience film guiding visitors through an onsite whiskey tasting. [Watch]

My-Galactic-Twin-Galaction-Short-Film-Sasha-Svirsky | STASH MAGAZINE

Enter the Perfectly Strange World of Sasha Svirsky’s “My Galactic Twin Galaction” Short Film

Russian director/artist Sasha Svirsky, who originally graduated as a painter and then taught himself animation, just released his wonderfully eccentric, multi-award-winning short film “My Galactic Twin Galaction” online. [Watch]

PEAS! Short Film by AJ Jefferies | STASH MAGAZINE

AJ Jefferies’ Newest Short Film “PEAS!” is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

UK 3D illustrator and animator AJ Jefferies, whose brilliant takes on silly animals you can watch here (horse) and here (goose), veers into the realm of very happy vegetables for his latest short film PEAS!. [Watch]