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Dewars Double Double commercial by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine Sees “Double Double” for Dewar’s

In this director’s cut, the CG motion crew at ManvsMachine conjures a meticulous and mesmerizing transition from “ornate opulence to modern minimalism” for Dewar’s premium Double Double 21-year-old Whisky thru agency BBDO. [Watch]

Polyester Studio character manifesto reel | STASH MAGAZINE

Polyester Promos the Power of Characters in New Manifesto

The crew of steadfast character evangelists at Polyester Studio in Toronto just released their latest manifesto, a showcase for their recent work hosted by three fuzzy friends and designed to make the work stand out in a sea of reels. [Watch]

BUCK Exhibits “True Power” for Alinta Energy

ECD Gareth O’Brien and the BUCK motion team in Sydney help Alinta Energy demystify the future of clean energy in Australia with a refreshing blend of whimsical design and hard facts underscored by The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”. [Watch]

Blinkink & Woodblock Add New Tilt to Euro 2024 for BBC

The quick pace and uncertain outcomes of the Euro 2024 tournament on BBC find an apt metaphor in star-studded pinball action via Blinkink directors Balázs Simon and Raman Djafari with Berlin’s Woodblock handling animation. [Watch]

G-Star Homegrown Denim by Christian Borstlap | STASH MAGAZINE

Christian Borstlap Sprouts “Homegrown Denim” for G-Star

Amsterdam director Christian Borstlap teams with CD Joris Kuijpers and animator Bart Otto at Piqxels Studio on this fun and fuzzy stop motion brand film for Dutch clothing brand G-Star RAW and their Homegrown Denim initiative. [Watch]

Microsoft Visual Design team Launch Surface Copilot+PC

Working with style frames by veteran Brooklyn CD and CG innovator Wes Cockx, the Microsoft Visual Design crew merges abstract-realism with the pragmatic goals of highlighting the features and benefits of a new product. [Watch]