Stash issue 160 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
Motif Studios Gelato Roboto Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Motif Studios Drops Rockin’ “Gelato Roboto” Short Film

Taking time off from their diet of television and film VFX work, the crew at Motif Studios in Cape Town dig in for a fun blast of character design and animation in this short film they call Gelato Roboto. [Watch]

Mark Zibert Immortal Short Film ROM | STASH MAGAZINE

Mark Zibert’s “Immortal” Short Film for The Royal Ontario Museum

Working from a script by Toronto agency Broken Heart Love Affair and backed up by VFX from Motif Studios and Tantrum, Scouts Honour director Mark Zibert condenses 4.6 billion years of history into six powerful minutes. [Watch]

Jif "The Return" by Dave Meyers, Motif, and JAMM | STASH MAGAZINE

Jif “The Return” by Dave Meyers with JAMM and Motif Studios

Culver City studio JAMM and Motif Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, deliver the respective VFX and animation exclamation points for Radical Media director Dave Meyers’ ode to the inspirational powers of Jif peanut butter. [Watch]