Stake The Takeover Augenblick Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Stake “The Takeover” Launch by Augenblick Studios

Brooklyn’s Augenblick Studios updates classic Fleischer Brothers style animation in stand-out work for online brokerage platform Stake produced thru agency Bear Meets Eagle on Fire and powered by the spoken word prowess of Black Chakra. [Watch]

Salvatore Ganacci "Fight Dirty" Music Video by GOONO and Truba Animation | STASH ANIMATION

Salvatore Ganacci “Fight Dirty” Music Video by GOONO and Truba Animation

The All-Sydney directing team of Tom Noakes, Will Goodfellow (from prodco GOONO) and Greg Sharp (from Truba Animation) conjure an anime adrenaline fest for Bosnian-Swedish DJ/producer Salvatore Ganacci. [Watch]

Fists of Beastness Game trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Yes, it’s Time to Play Fists of Beastness!

The all-Sydney team of agency Bear Meets Eagle on Fire, digital prodco T&DA, and audio house Rumble Studios create a rousing and retro-inspired browser-based game with the “aim to give players a fun distraction during quarantine.” [Watch]