FutureDeluxe Unveils the Beauty of Industry

Machinery found on the factory floor is seldom the subject of sleek and artful product films, which is a big part of what makes this austere CG opus from FutureDeluxe and CD Raj Davsi for the Markforged FX10 metal 3D printer a treat. [Watch]

TK Maxx Holiday ad byThe Mill | STASH MAGAZIN

Fashion Hits the Farm in The Mill’s Holiday Spot for TK Maxx

Proving effective holiday spots don’t always have to trigger your tear ducts, director Ulf Johansson and the creature animation teams at The Mill in London and Bangalore strut their stuff for UK department store chain TK Maxx. [Watch]

ESC short film by Sam Southward and Foreal | STASH MAGAZINE

Sam Southward and Foreal Look to “ESC” in OFFF Mexico 2023 Titles

An accelerating existential crisis drives a young woman to an epiphany about life’s important things (like cats) in this animated comedy from UK director Sam Southward and German studio Foreal for OFFF MX in Mexico City. [Watch]

Psyop Riff Raff Aldi Christmas Kevin the Carrot Wonka Wonderland | STASH MAGAZINE

Psyop and Riff Raff’s Aldi Christmas Spot Finds Kevin the Carrot in a Wonka Wonderland

In a mesmerizing mix of CG and live action, Psyop directing duo Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick reprise their Aldi holiday hero Kevin the Carrot while packing the full 90 seconds with layers of characters, gadgets, food, and comic details. [Watch]

AHS Daphne titles Ep2 FX Elastic Hazel Baird | STASH MAGAZINE

Hazel Baird Details the Design Thinking Behind the Titles for AHS: Daphne Ep2

Hard on the heels of the titles for Lessons in Chemistry, Elastic ECD Hazel Baird delivers a standout opening sequence for the 2nd episode of “Daphne”, the third season of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story. [Watch]

Hybrid Medical Animation The Tumor Microenvironment | STASH MAGAZINE

Hybrid’s Fantastic Voyage into a Tumor Microenvironment

Like a drone flight over an alien landscape, this film from Minneapolis medical animation studio Hybrid reveals the strange beauty and intense detail of the world inside a tumor, with some scenes requiring the rendering of over 10 million cells. [Watch]