Vladislav-Solovjov-Purity-Short-Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Vladislav Solovjov Finds “Purity” in New Short Film

Starting with a single line, London-based creative director Vladislav Solovjov builds his latest personal CG exploration Purity into a complex series of shifting and lyrical and compositions. [Watch]

Jacob Collier Never Gonna Be Alone Music Video Bare Golly Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Jacob Collier “Never Gonna Be Alone” Music Video by Bare Golly Films

Directing duo Shan Christopher Ogilvie and Ewa Smyk (aka Bare Golly Films) gather a remote team of artists to paint 1,200 watercolors and fuse them into a gently fluid music video for multiple Grammy-winner Jacob Collier. [Watch]

Lush Lord of Misrule Feral Child | STASH MAGAZINE

Feral Child Intro The Lord of Misrule for Lush

Feral Child directors Nella Addy and Rogan vd Berg follow up last year’s Lush Snow Ferry film with a complimentary piece of fantasy adventure featuring The Lord of Misrule, a creative renegade inspired by David Bowie and Mick Jagger. [Watch]

WWF-A-Flammable-Planet--by-NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Stop-Motion Fire Engulfs “A Flammable Planet” for WWF

NOMINT follows up their 2021 WWF stop-motion ice spot with an even more improbable go with fire in this global campaign designed to raise awareness about the danger of wildfires caused by climate change. [Watch]


Panoply Slip Backwards into “DERE∀LISATION” Short Film

In their latest in-house CG study, the design and animation crew at Panoply in London investigate the psychological condition known as derealization, which involves feelings of detachment from one’s self and surroundings. [Watch]

Flowless CG short films Alex Maltsev | STASH MAGAZINE

Alex Maltsev Reflects on Refraction in “Flowless” CG Experiments

In his two-part Flowless series of short CG films, Florida-based director/animator Alex Maltsev takes a meditative look at “the collision of surface and light as it changes angle and speed.” [Watch]