Nicolo Bianchino The New Yorker Festival 2022 | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolo Bianchino Opens The New Yorker Festival 2022

Nicolo Bianchino: “The New Yorker Festival returned in 2022 with an amazing lineup of speakers and asked me to create a title sequence. [Watch]

Stash issue 152 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Plastic Pollution Coalition A Love Letter to Plastic Nicolo Bianchino | STASH MAGAZINE

Plastic Pollution Coalition “A Love Letter to Plastic” by Nicolo Bianchino

Breaking off our relationship with single-use plastics won’t be easy but Brooklyn director/animator Nicolo Bianchino takes the first step in this heartfelt brand film for advocacy group Plastic Pollution Coalition. [Watch]

Nicolo Bianchino Intro's Google Workspace Icons | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolo Bianchino Intro’s Google Workspace Icons

Director/designer/illustrator/animator Nicolo Bianchino: “Google revealed a new set of refined icons for their launch of Google Workspace, unifying the set in a layered and intersecting design language.” [Watch]

Watch All Nine “iPhone People Talking Pixel” Films

Google Creative Lab and Anyways Creative in London commission nine animators to each create a fun pop vox film based on the real-life experiences of seasoned iPhone users trying out Google’s Pixel 2 phone. [Watch]

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