Old Speckled Hen Fox Of The World Spots by Partizan Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Old Speckled Hen “Fox Of The World” Spots by Rick Thiele, Mario Ucci, and Partizan Studio

Henry, the fox mascot for Old Speckled Hen pale ale, gets a brisk update with traditional 2D animation in these two new spots via Partizan Studio directors Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci thru UK agency Engine. [Watch]

E.ON Next Renewable Energy Brand Film by Ronda and Not To Scale | STASH MAGAZINE

E.ON Next Renewable Energy Brand Film by Ronda and Not To Scale

From the release: Character specialists Ronda take the charm of the E.ON Next characters to the next level in this dynamic and colorful spot. This new sub-brand for electricity and gas supplier E.ON symbolizes their dedication to sustainability, with each character relating to a renewable energy source and reinforcing the positive change that E.ON is focusing on. [Watch]

Money Supermarket Money Calm Bull commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Breaking: Bull Stays Calm in China Shop

Untold Studios, who nailed the VFX on the 2019 John Lewis holiday spot, joins Blink director Nick Ball to rustle up a new mascot called the Money Calm Bull in this blockbuster for UK financial services website MoneySuperMarket. [Watch]

Born Free Foundation "The Bitter Bond" Zombie Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Born Free Foundation “The Bitter Bond” by Zombie Studio

At least 70% of South Africa’s lions are born in captivity and bred for tourists to hug and take a photo with. When the lions grow too big for cuddles they’re sold to trophy hunters and shot in ‘canned hunting’ facilities. [Watch]