Stash issue 160 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
Super Dope Self Care Tips Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Dope Has Your Self-Care Tips Right Here

In a welcome break from the overly earnest tone of most wellness messages, Portland animation studio Super Dope (whose character talents are on full display here and here) takes a lighter approach to self-improvement in these six clips. [Watch]

In Love animated Short film Damien Bastelica Super Dope | STASH MAGAZINE

Fall “In Love” with the New Short by Damien Bastelica and Super Dope

Damien Bastelica, director and co-founder at Super Dope in Portland, OR, indulges his love of coming-of-age stories and strong female characters in the studio’s latest animated short film “In Love”. [Watch]

YouTube Originals "Cupcake" Short Film by Super Dope and NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

YouTube Originals “Cupcake” Short Film by Super Dope and NOMINT

Marilena Vatseri, EP and managing director at NOMINT in London: “The story of ‘Cupcake’ centers on a baker who experiences a change of heart by recognizing love in its many different forms through the magical intervention of some proactive cake-toppers.” [Watch]

Aescripts + aeplugins "Cyber Week Sale" by Super Dope | STASH MAGAZINE

Aescripts + aeplugins “Cyber Week Sale” by Super Dope

Director Damien Bastelica at animation studio Super Dope in Portland, OR: “Aescripts + aeplugins approached Super Dope with a very open brief to showcase their biggest sale of the year. The idea was to build the anticipation of their annual Cyber Week Sale in a very cinematic/dramatic way with a humorous twist.” [Watch]

Ice Cream short film by Super Dope | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Dope Launches with “Ice Cream” Short Film

New virtual animation studio Super Dope formed in the depths of lockdown and now, after five months of work, introduces themselves to the world with this effervescent CG character piece called “Ice Cream.” [Watch]

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