Rocketpanda MassiveMusic x Visible | STASH MAGAZINE

Rocketpanda Makes the Audio Visible for MassiveMusic

From the team at Rocketpanda in Verona, Italy: “MassiveMusic helped the new Verizon-owned prepaid carrier Visible with brand positioning and connecting with a younger audience through music and sound design. We had the pleasure to translate this journey into motion graphics.” [Watch]

Verizon Fios Refresh Panoply | STASH MAGAZINE

Verizon Fios Refresh by Panoply

Panoply creative director Mark Lindner: “Verizon approached us to create a package of interstitials to accompany promotions for nine different programing genres on their Fios on Demand service.” [Watch]

Pandayoghurt Verizon CES | STASH MAGAZINE

Pandayoghurt Blurs the Organic and Digital for Verizon

Part of a mixed reality presentation for Verizon’s keynote at CES on the future of 5G connectivity, this CG film by UK director/designer Douglas Bowden (aka Pandayoghurt) parallels the theme of blending physical and digital worlds. [Watch]

Verizon Unbroken FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

Verizon “Unbroken” Spot by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe in London: “Who says insurance should be boring? We teamed up with the Verizon team to create this 30-second TVC, communicating the reversible effect insurance can have on your damaged home devices. From phones to tablets, laptops, and smartwatches, our precious devices are so easily breakable. [Watch]

Verizon 5G "The Reset" by Doug Liman with MPC | STASH MAGAZINE

Verizon 5G “The Reset” by Doug Liman with MPC

The irksome artifacts of laggy video gaming take on a surreal life of their own in this work from American director Doug Liman (Swingers, The Bourne Identity, etc.) thru Brooklyn agency Madwell with substantial VFX support from MPC. [Watch]