Polyester Studio character manifesto reel | STASH MAGAZINE

Polyester Promos the Power of Characters in New Manifesto

The crew of steadfast character evangelists at Polyester Studio in Toronto just released their latest manifesto, a showcase for their recent work hosted by three fuzzy friends and designed to make the work stand out in a sea of reels. [Watch]

Blinkink & Woodblock Add New Tilt to Euro 2024 for BBC

The quick pace and uncertain outcomes of the Euro 2024 tournament on BBC find an apt metaphor in star-studded pinball action via Blinkink directors Balázs Simon and Raman Djafari with Berlin’s Woodblock handling animation. [Watch]

G-Star Homegrown Denim by Christian Borstlap | STASH MAGAZINE

Christian Borstlap Sprouts “Homegrown Denim” for G-Star

Amsterdam director Christian Borstlap teams with CD Joris Kuijpers and animator Bart Otto at Piqxels Studio on this fun and fuzzy stop motion brand film for Dutch clothing brand G-Star RAW and their Homegrown Denim initiative. [Watch]

Airhead Game Trailer Handy Games by BluBlu Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

BluBlu Studio Keep it Mysterious in “Airhead” Game Trailer

In stark contrast to the optimistic tone of their recent WWF spot, the animation crew at BluBlu Studio craft a dark and enigmatic trailer for Airhead, the atmospheric puzzle-platformer from Handy Games and Danish developer Octato. [Watch]

Gaming App Halfbrick+ Opens With a Bang

The new mobile gaming app from Australian developer Halfbrick (packaging up hits such as Fruit Ninja, and Jetpack Joyride) opens with this rampaging sequence from a team lead by Brisbane-based CD Dan Rice. [Watch]

Kyra-and-Constantin-Rollin-Tortoise-feature-film | STASH MAGAZINE

Kyra & Constantin Roll With Slow Motion Slapstick

What would it look like if you stretched the idea for an animated short out to 90 minutes? Animation directors Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow answer that question with the latest installment of their Rollin’ Wild series. [Watch]