Edeka Drip Christopher Riggert The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Edeka “Drip” Holiday Spot by Christopher Riggert and The Mill

Disguised as a Disney animated feature trailer, this holiday spot for German grocery retailer Edeka – by Anorak director Christopher Riggert and the animation/VFX team at The Mill – packs a powerful environmental message. [Read more]

Jesper Bolther Okomito Japanese Proverbs Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Okomito: Japanese Proverbs” Short Film by Jesper Bolther

Director/animator Jesper Bolther in Copenhagen, Denmark: “With an offset in our love of Japanese culture, this project is an experiment as to what would happen if you pair some quirky animations with a series of Japanese proverbs. [Read more]

Moth Saves Mrs Claus from Cancellation | STASH MAGAZINE

Moth Saves “Mrs Claus” from Cancellation

From the team at Moth Studio in London: “We can’t say much about this project beyond that it was commissioned, then sadly canceled late into production. We can tell you it was a Christmas campaign. Although, that is probably obvious! [Read more]

Climate Emergency Exquisite Corpse by Yves Paradis and Friends | STASH MAGAZINE

“Climate Emergency – Exquisite Corpse” by Yves Paradis and Friends

Animator and illustrator Yves Paradis: “This project is an exquisite corpse of seven parts from animators around the world. Each was given the last five seconds from the previous animator and two months to create their own sequence.” [Read more]

Eoin Duffy Office Zorb Episode 01 | STASH MAGAZINE

Eoin Duffy’s “Office Zorb” Lands with Episode 01

Director/animator Eoin Duffy in Vancouver: “Episode 01 – Office Zorb transitions into a new position at work and has to deal with the responsibilities involved. Made in Blender (3D elements).” [Read more]

The Rampage Living in the Dream Music Video Que | STASH MAGAZINE

The Rampage “Living in the Dream” Music Video by Que

The Tokyo-based illustrator and music video director known as que, wraps his fun and fluid animation style around a track by J-pop vocal and dance group The Rampage, a part of the 16-member collective supergroup Exile Tribe. [Read more]