Toyota Noras Joy by Kyra Constantin Passion Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

Toyota “Nora’s Joy” Holiday Spot by Kyra & Constantin and Passion Pictures

Passion Animation directors Kyra & Constantin, who kept tear ducts wide-open last year with this spot for Ernst, turn their talents for character and narrative to a Toyota driver who finally gives into sharing holiday joy. [Read more]

OFFF Vienna 2021 Repeater Title Film Ian Bradley and Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

OFFF Vienna 2021 “Repeater” Title Film by Ian Bradley and Carbon

The 2021 edition of OFFF Vienna launched with this ambitious and atmospheric allegory from director Ian Bradley and the creative team at animation/VFX studio Carbon, complete with a live orchestral score by Antfood. [Read more]

Unbabel Tone of Voice Explainer FAVO Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Unbabel “Tone of Voice” Explainer by Favo Studio

In their ongoing series for Unbabel’s AI-powered translation platform, Favo Studio once again conjures visually inventive, smile-inducing content from dry information (e.g. customer service training). [Read more]

Albert Heijn A Hamster Love Story Jelle de Jonge Ambassadors | STASH MAGAZINE

Albert Heijn “A Hamster Love Story” by Jelle de Jonge and Ambassadors

Animation director Nick Groeneveld and the creature crew at Ambassadors in Amsterdam wrangle a pair of small furry friends in this holiday charmer by Holy Fools director Jelle de Jonge for Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn. [Read more]

Twitter Perfect Christmas Ad Roxane Campoy Passion Paris | STASH MAGAZINE

Twitter’s Perfect Christmas Ad by Roxane Campoy and Passion Paris

Way back in primary school, UK Twitter user @DanannMcAleer penned a darkly comic John Lewis holiday spot. Fast forward 26 years, he tweets his original pitch, and the social platform turns it into a Christmas ad of their own. [Read more]

Slow Meadow A Light Without Flame Music Video Cian Hogan | STASH MAGAZINE

Slow Meadow “A Light Without Flame” Music Video by Cian Hogan

Motion director/designer Cian Hogan in Galway, Ireland: “This music video was created for Houston based neo-classical composer Slow Meadow and his track ‘A Light Without Flame’.” [Read more]