Battersea Power Station Lift 109 Motion Art Installation Revenant | STASH MAGAZINE

Battersea Power Station Lift 109 Motion Art Installation by Revenant

Kevin McCrae, CD/founder at Revenant in Glasgow: “Revenant was commissioned by agency Squint/Opera to produce a 360° animated film as part of the new Battersea Power Station Lift 109 viewing experience in London.” [Watch]

Experience the UNHATE Through Artistic Intelligence Intervention | STASH MAGAZINE

Enter the “#UNHATE Through Artistic Intelligence” Experience

Cologne agency Elastique and the experience design crew at flora&faunavisions in Berlin build an emotional and innovative AI-driven “artistic intervention to counteract the omnipresence of hate in digital spaces”. [Watch]

UAE Expo Film Dreaming Together by Smith Foulkes Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

UAE Expo Film “Dreaming Together” by Smith & Foulkes

Online for the first time today, this sweeping historical look at 50 years of UAE history was crafted by veteran Nexus directing duo Smith & Foulkes who found inspiration in traditional Bedouin weaving known as Al Sadu. [Watch]

Digital Kitchen Resorts World Las Vegas | STASH MAGAZINE

Digital Kitchen Lights Up the Vegas Strip

The animation and experiential crew at Digital Kitchen light up the Vegas strip in spectacular fashion with an array of eclectic eye candy running on the largest LED screens in North America. [Watch]

"FLUX" Light Installation by Collectif SCALE | STASH MAGAZINE

“FLUX” Light Installation by Collectif SCALE

From the team at TETRO in Paris: “We are pleased to present FLUX, a kinetic light sculpture by Collectif SCALE installed at the Grand Est Region Hotel during the Constellations Festival 2021 in Metz, France. [Watch]

Time++ Raven-Kwok | STASH MAGAZINE

Hypnotic “Time++” Installation in Shanghai’s Todtown by Raven Kwok

Visual artist, animator, and creative technologist Raven Kwok: “Time++ is a public art installation commissioned for [a new mixed-use development in Shanghai’s Minhang District called] Todtown. [Watch]