Quarantine Life loop by DeeKay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quarantine Life” Loop by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator DeeKay Kwon: “Jack, Paul, and I left New York for California to work on some gigs then Covid-19 happened. We are roomies in one tiny apartment and stuck here for the time being. So I decided to make some fun animation about our days.” [Read more]

From Nothing to Something short film by Andrew Vucko | STASH MAGAZINE

From Nothing to Something: A Collective Investigation of Inspiration

Director Andrew Vucko: “Why is the creative act so at the core of being human? And how does something come from nothing? [Read more]

The Truth about “Designer and Client” Relationships by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator DeeKay Kwon: “[This series is] based on some of my experiences throughout my freelance life in New York. Please, don’t take this seriously. I tend to have great relationships with all my clients (I swear).” [Read more]

Hey Google, tell me something good animated film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Hey Google, Tell Me Something Good”

Ryan Burke, creative producer at Google’s Creative Lab: “These days we’re consuming more news than ever, and sometimes, it can feel like there are only problems out there. But the fact is, there is a plethora of good news happening. [Read more]