New York City Loop DeeKay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“New York City” Loop by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator Deekay Kwon: “I lived in NY for 12 years and it’s a place where I grew myself as an artist. Started with only pencil doodling skills at the age of 18 then climbed my way up to fall in love with 2D animation.” [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2021-Character-Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2021: Character Animation

If you need a reminder of just how energized, diverse, and engaging character design and animation were in 2021, take a quick peek at these eight projects, including brand videos, advertising, and short films. [Watch]

Deekay Kwon "Virtual Game" Short Film Breakdown | STASH MAGAZINE

“Virtual Game” Short Film Breakdown by Deekay Kwon

South Korean director/animator Deekay Kwon reveals the illustration and rigging secrets behind his new looping short film “Virtual Game” – continuing his signature mix of cute characters, snappy animation, and sharp social observation. [Watch]

Stash 145 video preview video | STASH MAGAZINE
Animator Creating Animation short film by Deekay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Animator Creating Animation” Short Film by Deekay Kwon

DeeKay Kwon, a South Korean designer/animator/director living in New York, doubles down on his wish to “make others happy through my animation” with this new short film, a smile-packed look at a day in the life of an animator. [Watch]

Quarantine Life loop by DeeKay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quarantine Life” Loop by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator DeeKay Kwon: “Jack, Paul, and I left New York for California to work on some gigs then Covid-19 happened. We are roomies in one tiny apartment and stuck here for the time being. So I decided to make some fun animation about our days.” [Watch]