“Catastrophe” Animated Short by Jamille van Wijngaarden

Amsterdam director Jamille van Wijngaarden makes the move from live-action to animation with “Catastrophe,” her perfectly paced and carefully blocked twist on Sylvester and Tweetie – a two-minute ode to innocent characters making things worse. [Watch]

The Stained Club animated short film by Supinfocom | STASH MAGAZINE

Finding Hope and Friendship in “The Stained Club”

Back in 2005 Stash published “Over Time,” a breakout black and white CG short created at a French computer animation school I had never heard of called Supinfocom. Since then, we’ve featured no less than 42 short films from their students. [Watch]

Stereovision short film by Vince Hurtu | STASH MAGAZINE

Vince Hurtu’s “Stereovision” Experiment

Motion designer and illustrator Vince Hurtu in Montreal: “Stereovision is an experimental visual and sound essay produced for the D19 event, an evening of non-narrative animation short films screening in Montreal where it was awarded the Grand Prize. [Watch]

The Box animated short film by Dušan Kastelic | STASH MAGAZINE

Thinking Outside “The Box” by Dusan Kastelic

Slovenian animator/illustrator Dusan Kastelic’ combines imagery from his own recurring nightmare with a story he’d penned for a comic book years earlier to create a 3D animated mini-masterpiece (and massive festival hit) called “The Box.” [Watch]

“While You Were Sleeping” by Charlie Stewart

Animator/designer Charlie Stewart in London chooses a soft palette, careful compositions, and measured pacing for his animated exploration of “the longevity and limitations of artificial intelligence, and the loneliness of deep space.” [Watch]

Bucketsl by Sarofsky | STASH MAGAZINE

Sarofsky Fills “Buckets” for C4DLive at SIGGRAPH

Sarofsky creative lead Duarte Elvas: “We had the honor of being invited to participate in Maxon’s C4DLive event at SIGGRAPH 2019, showcasing how we used Cinema 4D and Arnold to create our latest animated short, Buckets. [Watch]