Alan the Infinite... animated short trailer by Parabella | STASH MAGAZINE

Parabella’s “Alan the Infinite…” Looks Uncomfortably Brilliant

Mikey Please and Dan Ojari (aka Blink directing duo Parabella) hint at the charm and craftsmanship packed into their new stop-motion animated short “Alan the Infinite…” with this quirk-filled trailer. [Watch]

Blame Your Brother for this New Ident Starring Horace the Uni-something

Prepare to meet Horace, a flying jet-powered mascot with attitude from Toronto animation studio Blame Your Brother. [Watch]

Hunters Gatherers Short film by Lobster Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Hunter or Gatherer? Lobster Studio Asks Which One are You

Lobster Studio: “This is the story of one day from dawn to dusk. Every day, by choice or by fate, each human being takes the role of a hunter or a gatherer. [Watch]

Team Tumult Interdimensional Melancholy short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Time for a Little “Interdimensional Melancholy”

Team Tumult, a collective of five animators/illustrators/storytellers based in Zurich, take time out from their commissioned work for a light-hearted poke at death and mourning called “Interdimensional Melancholy.” [Watch]

Patrick Knip I Don't Know short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The Power of Admitting “I Don’t Know” by Patrick Knip

Motion Designer and illustrator Patrick Knip: “This short film stems from the constant fear of making the wrong decisions for ourselves. This also ties in with the idea of imposter syndrome, and the feeling that you aren’t good enough to be doing what you’re doing. [Watch]

TED Ed Denice Frohman AccentS by Robertino Zambrano | STASH MAGAZINE

Capturing the Passion of Denice Frohman’s “Accents” for TED-Ed

Sydney director/animator Robertino Zambrano responds to Denice Frohman’s forceful performance of her poem “Accents” with a stark, fevered animation style seemingly scratched into the inky distance. [Watch]

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