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Microsoft Visual Design team and Wes Cockx Launch Surface Copilot+PC

Working with style frames by veteran Brooklyn CD and CG innovator Wes Cockx, the Microsoft Visual Design crew merges abstract-realism with the pragmatic goals of highlighting the features and benefits of a new product. [Watch]

Airhead Game Trailer Handy Games by BluBlu Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

BluBlu Studio Keep it Mysterious in “Airhead” Game Trailer

In stark contrast to the optimistic tone of their recent WWF spot, the animation crew at BluBlu Studio craft a dark and enigmatic trailer for Airhead, the atmospheric puzzle-platformer from Handy Games and Danish developer Octato. [Watch]

FLOAT3RS Short Film Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts | STASH MAGAZINE

The AI Future Looks Dim (but Funny) in “FLOAT3RS”

The third chapter in Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts’ chatty animated sci-fi comedy series Floaters takes a wry look ahead to a time when “AI is so advanced it’s no longer intelligent.” [Watch]

Gaming App Halfbrick+ Opens With a Bang

The new mobile gaming app from Australian developer Halfbrick (packaging up hits such as Fruit Ninja, and Jetpack Joyride) opens with this rampaging sequence from a team lead by Brisbane-based CD Dan Rice. [Watch]

Le Truc Unveils Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Ceramic

Le Truc, a design and animation studio based in Geneva and Paris, makes its Stash debut with their latest work for French luxury watch brand Bell & Ross, a dramatic and visually deceptive product film for the BR 05 Black Ceramic. [Watch]

Kyra-and-Constantin-Rollin-Tortoise-feature-film | STASH MAGAZINE

Kyra & Constantin Roll With Slow Motion Slapstick

What would it look like if you stretched the idea for an animated short out to 90 minutes? Animation directors Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow answer that question with the latest installment of their Rollin’ Wild series. [Watch]