Puma Velophasis by CLAN Team | STASH MAGAZINE

Dinosaurs and Avatars: CLAN Team Adds Velocity to Puma Velophasis

The CLAN Team, a multidisciplinary design collective based in Lisbon, just pounced onto the Stash radar with this frenzied, intricate, and surgically assembled blast of CG motion for Puma’s Velophasis sneakers. [Watch]

Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
L愛VE short film by Clan Team | STASH MAGAZINE

L愛VE is the Beginning of all Good Things

From CLAN in Moscow: “As a schoolboy unintentionally draws a dick on a hunch on his desk we tried to close this art gestalt through a compilation of sexual sketches. [Watch]

Match TV Rebranding | STASH MAGAZINE

CLAN Team Serves Up Match TV Broadcast IDs

Moscow design team CLAN (not to be confused with CLAN vfx in São Paulo) show off their many visual talents strapped together by wit and whimsy in these five broadcast promo’s for Russian sports network Match TV. [Watch]

Animated Coat of Arms of Moscow by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE