TheLittleLabs MHSOAC Right Our Story | STASH MAGAZINE

TheLittleLabs Address Bullying in “Right Our Story”

Working with nonprofit marketing agency Media Cause, Los Angeles animation and design studio TheLittleLabs conjure a unique cast of monsters to “imagine a world for a youth-led group of advocates building a world without bullying.” [Watch]

Aurelien Thomas TERMINO Modular Kitchen | STASH MAGAZINE

Aurelien Thomas Showcases TERMINO’s “Modular Kitchen”

French motion designer and 3D artist Aurelien Thomas just popped onto the Stash radar by serving up this sleek, envy-inducing brand film for German brand TERMINO and their sustainable, modular kitchen system. [Watch]

Prologue Opens American Horror Story Delicate on FX | STASH MAGAZINE

Prologue Opens “American Horror Story: Delicate” for FX

The twelfth season of American Horror Story returned to FX on September 20 with this sinister and blood-tainted title sequence, the latest for the franchise from the design and VFX crew at Prologue in Venice, CA. [Watch]

Mehdi Hadi Enigma Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Mehdi Hadi Mixes Style and Adrenalin in “Enigma” Short Film

Paris-based director/concept designer/CG artist Mehdi Hadi unleashes his deep passion for the universe of automotive racing in this glitchy, hyper-detailed merger of 3D and motion design. [Watch]

Citizen Tourist Animated Short Film Favo Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Favo Studio Reflects on the Quirks of the “Citizen Tourist”

Director Gustavo Carreiro and the animation crew at Favo Studio in Porto, Portugal, take a whimsical peek at tourists and their foibles in the context of “an industry that is shaping entire cities and cultures in profound ways.” [Watch]

Feeding Frenzy Briar League of Legends Kegs Eddy | STASH MAGAZINE

Kegs and Eddy Start a Feeding Frenzy for League of Legends

Eddy directing duo Kevin Teau Rose and Gautier Alfirevic (aka Kegs), who leapt onto the Stash radar in 2019 with their short film Yona, deliver snappy banter and plenty of visceral action in a showcase for League of Legends’ Briar character. [Watch]