Block & Tackle demo 2019 motion design | STASH MAGAZINE

Block & Tackle’s New 7-Minute Reel

Longtime Stash fans know demo reels don’t get much love on this site (we’ve published a handful in 14 years). But once in a long while, one hits the inbox and makes you question what a compilation of work can and should do. [Read more]

Gault_Always Sunny FXX | STASH MAGAZINE

Adam Gault Studio: “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Start your week with a jolt of stark absurdist fun courtesy of Adam Gault and his Long Island City crew in this series of IDs and promo elements for the FX comedy “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” constructed from “a series of random one-second scenes that could be shuffled around to make custom IDs and toolkit [Read more]