Stacey Topkin Awesome | STASH MAGAZINE

Stacey Topkin Joins Awesome Inc as Director of Client Partnerships

From the release: Animation and motion design studio Awesome Inc is happy to announce a significant addition to our dynamic team as Stacey Topkin assumes the post of Director of Client Partnerships. [Watch]

Adult Swim Final Space IDs by Awesome Incorporated | STASH MAGAZINE

Adult Swim Final Space IDs by Awesome Inc

From Awesome Inc: “In this ID for Final Space, we follow Mooncake as a pinball on the playfield, ricocheting from bumper to bumper setting off bells and lights. [Watch]

FX Networks - Baskets Season 4 Teaser by Awesome Inc | STASH MAGAZINE

FX Networks “Baskets” Season 4 Teaser by Awesome Inc.

Atlanta animation masters Awesome Inc. kickstart Zach Galifinakis’ morning commute in this teaser promo for the fourth season premiere of Baskets on FX. [Watch]

Awesome_Adult Swim ID | STASH MAGAZINE

Awesome “Evolving Thoughts” for Adult Swim

The fertile Adult Swim ID Project continues (unfettered by the shackles of narrative or common sense) with this languid, morph-adelic short titled “Evolving Thoughts” from the all-Atlanta team of motion studio Awesome Inc and music/sound house Bluetube. [Watch]

Adult Swim_Tofu Hunter | STASH MAGAZINE

Adult Swim Games’ “Tofu Hunter”

Finally, an inclusive first person shooter – designed for both vegans and all those who mock them mercilessly. The happy carnage of Adult Swim Games’ “Tofu Hunter” comes to you courtesy of the design, character and comedy chops of Atlanta studio Awesome Incorporated. [Watch]