Toyota "Upstream" Super Bowl Spot by Tarsem and Framestore | STASH MAGAZINE

Toyota “Upstream” Super Bowl Spot by Tarsem and Framestore

Our prediction for Super Bowl LV: tears will flow… thanks to this Toyota work from Radical Media’s Tarsem Singh and the Framestore VFX crew recounting the incredible journey of Jessica Long from orphan amputee to Paralympian swimming champion. [Watch]

Kouhei Nakama Love Tiger Collection | STASH MAGAZINE

“Love Tiger Collection” Fashion Fim by Kouhei Nakama

Director and CG designer Kouhei Nakama extends 3D techniques he pioneered in his delightful 2017 breakout film “Makin’ Moves” for the winter collection of Japanese fashion brand Tiger Magic Bottle. [Watch]

HITOTOKI Clock most handmade | STASH MAGAZINE

The “Most Handmade” HITOTOKI Clock

To emphasize the handmade nature of HITOTOKI’s crafting products, Dentsu Japan created a delightful stop-motion clock with each of the 1,440 minutes in a day constructed in real-time during one 24-hour take. [Watch]

NIssin White Mystery | STASH MAGAZINE

Celebrating Nissin’s “White Mystery” Meat

Taking a poke at self-important design awards and holier-than-thou organic foodies, Nissin and their agency Dentsu flaunt the 10-millimeter cubes of pale mystery meat found in their Chili Tomato instant pot noodles. [Watch]

Kirin NOth wind and the Sun | STASH MAGAZINE

Kirin: “The North Wind and the Sun”

Director Shinsuke Jitsumori aims straight at the mysterious tastes of the domestic Japanese market with this super-campy retelling of Aesop’s fable “The North Wind and the Sun” for Kirin thru Dentsu.

Marukome Miso Kawaii | STASH MAGAZINE

Kawaii, Miso Soup, and Wonderful Weirdness

Saddle up for two and a half minutes of gloriously random confection-colored vignettes designed to channel the mysterious power of Kawaii (cuteness) and propel Marukome instant miso soup off the shelves of Japanese grocery stores. [Watch]