Hulu Launches First Wave of Artist IDs | STASH MAGAZINE

Hulu Launches First Wave of Artist IDs

The time-honored tradition of lightening up your broadcast channel branding by inviting designers, animators, and artists to re-imagine your logo continues in fine form with the new Hulu IDs project. [Watch]

Echoic X by Echoic Music and Sound Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Echoic and Friends Celebrate 10 Years of Music and Sound

Echoic co-founders David Johnston and Tom Gilbert celebrate a decade of creating music and sound design for commercials, animation, and independent films with a series of branded collaborations with 13 stellar artists and studios. [Watch]

Pyramid short film by Ihsu Yoon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pyramid” Short Film by Ihsu Yoon

South Korean artist and director Ihsu Yoon draws on his architectural schooling for his new personal project, an atmospheric short CG film called “Pyramid”. [Watch]

Metaphorian compilation by Ihsu Yoon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Metaphorian” Conceptual Art Compilation by Ihsu Yoon

CG artist Ihsu Yoon: “Metaphorian is the compound word I made for a person who is enchanted by metaphorical thinking. This montage shows the selected works of my conceptual art from 2010 to 2019.” [Watch]