Mozilla Amaya’s Flashlight Polyester Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Mozilla “Amaya’s Flashlight” by Polyester Studio

Charming treatment for a serious subject from Polyester Studio in Toronto for Mozilla and their efforts to help students of color who are often flagged to their teachers because testing software can’t see them. [Read more]

Animal Alliance of Canada "The Double-crested Cormorant" by Polyester Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Animal Alliance of Canada “The Double-crested Cormorant” by Polyester Studio

Creative director Jeremy Dimmock at Polyester Studio in Toronto: “Educational spot for Animal Alliance on ending the Cormorant hunt in Ontario. [Read more]

"It Can Be Anything" Short Film by Ryan Bergmann | STASH MAGAZINE

“It Can Be Anything” Short Film by Ryan Bergmann

Toronto filmmaker Ryan Bergmann explores pure creativity in this mini-doc based on the work and philosophy of Rachel Doucette, an artist whose open-mindedness and inclusivity are both refreshing and inspiring. [Read more]

Guessmas 2 short film by Mike Russo | STASH MAGAZINE

Mike Russo’s “Guessmas” Returns with more Holiday Clues

Motion designer Mike Russo in Brooklyn (currently at Block & Tackle): “‘Guessmas’ began last year as a way for me to round out the year with a personal project, and stretch creative muscles in the process. I have a huge love for the holidays and making content that relates to Christmas really brings a smile to my face. [Read more]


Toronto International Film Festival “Taika Waititi” by Polyester Studio

Polyester Studio in Toronto: “A series of short typographic and illustrative animations for Toronto International Film Festival telling different stories and anecdotes about growing up in New Zealand from director Taika Waititi.” [Read more]