Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in "Mother's Milk" | STASH MAGAZINE

Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in “Mother’s Milk”

Created as both a short film and a VR exhibition, director/animator/illustrator Sofia Pashaei describes her personal project Mother’s Milk as an investigation of the perception of womanhood. [Read more]

"GLAS Animation Festival 2021 Signal Film" by Jonathan Djob Nkondo | STASH MAGAZINE

GLAS Animation Festival 2021 Signal Film by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Wonderfully enigmatic new work here from London-based French animator (and former member of collective CRCR) Jonathan Djob Nkondo and illustrator/designer Sofia Pashaei, announcing the 2021 edition of the non-profit GLAS Animation Festival. [Read more]

Lots of Love collaborative animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

60 Animators Wish the World “Lots of Love”

Back in late 2019 when Sydney motion designer and illustrator Ben Marriot invited an international crew of animators to rally around the theme of Love, he could not have known just how much the world would need such a film in 2020. [Read more]