Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in "Mother's Milk" | STASH MAGAZINE

Sofia Pashaei Explores Womanhood in “Mother’s Milk”

Created as both a short film and a VR exhibition, director/animator/illustrator Sofia Pashaei describes her personal project Mother’s Milk as an investigation of the perception of womanhood. [Watch]

"GLAS Animation Festival 2021 Signal Film" by Jonathan Djob Nkondo | STASH MAGAZINE

GLAS Animation Festival 2021 Signal Film by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Wonderfully enigmatic new work here from London-based French animator (and former member of collective CRCR) Jonathan Djob Nkondo and illustrator/designer Sofia Pashaei, announcing the 2021 edition of the non-profit GLAS Animation Festival. [Watch]

Lots of Love collaborative animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE