Miyagi Trenchtown music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Miyagi “Trenchtown” Music Video by Shakhnazar Borboev

Bob Marley drives the BttF Delorean. That’s all you really need to know about this beautifully illustrated widescreen video for Russian rapper Miyagi’s ode to Jamaica’s greatest cultural export by artist/animator Shakhnazar Borboev. [Read more]

Incredible Ant concept trailer by CRCR | STASH MAGAZINE

“Incredible Ant” Concept Trailer by CRCR

French creative collective CRCR packs non-stop action and plenty of dynamic camera work into this trailer for the new Alibaba Pictures animated series Incredible Ant (26 x 11′). [Read more]

Gunther short film by Erick Oh | STASH MAGAZINE

Erick Oh’s “Gunther” Will Make You Feel Less Weird

Former Pixar animator Erick Oh (Finding Dory, Inside Out, Brave, etc.) breaks free from narrative logic in this six-minute parade of absurdist characters lead by Gunther, a mischievous sausage with an uncontrollable urge to dance. [Read more]

Lovebirds by Gunner | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lovebirbs” Instagram Loop by Gunner

Collin Leix, animator at Gunner in Detroit: “A fun short we made for Gunner’s instagram for Valentine’s day, 2020.
[Read more]

Tycho Weather Music Video by Mathijs Luijten | STASH MAGAZINE

Tycho “Weather” Music Video by Mathijs Luijten

Mathijs Luijten: “I’ve been listening to Tycho’s music since I was 15. So when he asked me to create a video for his title track ‘Weather’, I jumped at the opportunity!” [Read more]

Sea You short film by Ben Brand | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sea You” Short Film Directed by Ben Brand

Director Ben Brand: “When my girlfriend told me the story of spreading her deceased grandmother’s ash over the sea (like a lot of people around the world do) I started wondering what actually happens to all that ash.” [Read more]