Method Studios Opens Swimming with Sharks TV Series | STASH MAGAZINE

Method Studios Opens “Swimming with Sharks” TV Series

Associate creative director Wesley Ebelhar at Method Studios in NY: “Set in the cutthroat world of Hollywood’s film industry, the Swimming with Sharks TV series follows Lou (Kiernan Shipka), a young female assistant as she schemes to get closer to the studio’s executive (Diane Kruger). [Read more]

Yeti-Pictures-short-film-Brutalism | STASH MAGAZINE

Yeti Pictures Admires the Power and Poetry of Brutalism

Few architectural styles polarize opinions like Brutalism but love it or hate it, you will get a smile out of this latest in-house adventure in fantasy CG style from Tony Zagoraios and the crew at Yeti Pictures in Athens. [Read more]

Gogoro What Can You Do With a Little Energy | STASH MAGAZINE

Gogoro “What Can You Do With a Little Energy?” by Finger and Toe and Nulls Design

From the team at Finger and Toe studio in Taiwan: “In collaboration with the 3D team at Nulls Design, we created the animation for Gogoro’s latest scooter launch!
[Read more]

Kevin Parry Recreates the Netflix Logo Animation with Yarn | STASH MAGAZINE

Kevin Parry Recreates the Netflix Logo Animation with Yarn

Although Canadian stop-motion animator Kevin Parry counts serious credits on animated features including Missing Link and Kubo and the Two Strings, he is far better known as a creator of visually witty and wildly popular YouTube videos. [Read more]

Old Speckled Hen Fox Of The World Spots by Partizan Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Old Speckled Hen “Fox Of The World” Spots by Rick Thiele, Mario Ucci, and Partizan Studio

Henry, the fox mascot for Old Speckled Hen pale ale, gets a brisk update with traditional 2D animation in these two new spots via Partizan Studio directors Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci thru UK agency Engine. [Read more]

Dal Park Navigates Hairy Situations for Adult Swim Smalls | STASH MAGAZINE

Dal Park Navigates “Hairy Situations” for Adult Swim Smalls

Berlin-based artist, director, and illustrator Dal Park provides a crazed peek into the life of a “hairdresser struggling to keep up with her demanding clients” in her new short film for the ongoing Adult Swim Smalls series. [Read more]