Quick Fix short film by Chris O'Hara | STASH MAGAZINE

Don’t Worry, There’s a Pill for That!

Born in Ireland and currently based in Los Angeles, animation director Chris O’Hara uses snappy action and dark comedy to look at the downward spiral of our growing obsession with pill culture in his newest short film “Quick Fix”. [Read more]

How to Float short film by Good Form | STASH MAGAZINE

Good Form Learn “How to Float” in New Short Film

Based on a script from their video producer Alix Ablaza, the team at design and animation studio Good Form in Toronto tackle the subject of anxiety and loneliness in this new short film, a labor of love 18 months in the making. [Read more]

Per Tutta la Vita short film by Roberto Catani | STASH MAGAZINE

Roberto Catani’s Beautiful and Enigmatic “Per Tutta la Vita”

Veteran Italian illustrator, animator, and educator Roberto Catani’s latest short film “Per Tutta la Vita” (For All Life), guides viewers on a richly textured and utterly unpredictable exploration into relationships and memory. [Read more]

B is for Ben short film by Rok Andic | STASH MAGAZINE

“B is for Ben” CG Comedy by Rok Andic

Slovenian 3D artist Rok Andic crafts a classic slapstick conundrum with thoroughly modern tools in his third short film, a character comedy about an astronaut named Ben and his need for a ladder. [Read more]

Valorant Duelists Official Cinematic Launch Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Blur Unleashes Valorant “Duelists” Launch Trailer

Valorant, Riot Games’ new free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter, launched with this adrenaline-fest elevated by sweet rendering, smooth action beats, and cool typography from the Blur Team in Culver City, CA. [Read more]

TED-Ed The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks | STASH MAGAZINE

TED-Ed “The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks” by Eido

Get the full story of the passion and perseverance of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, one of the most pivotal figures in 20th century America, courtesy of TED-Ed and Eido motion graphics studio in Huntington Beach, CA. [Read more]