A Fresh Twist on Sustainability for Heineken by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

A Fresh Twist on Sustainability for Heineken by FutureDeluxe

Veteran CG innovators FutureDeluxe have been bending pixels to their will since 2008 and on many groundbreaking projects (see here and here for two of their many hits), their latest is a lovely twist on Heineken’s iconic green bottle. [Read more]

Joints CG Sculptures by Vitaly Grossmann and Alex Schlegel | STASH MAGAZINE

Vitaly Grossmann and Alex Schlegel Flex Their “Joints”

3D artist Vitaly Grossmann: “Back in the day, Alex Schlegel and I studied at the same university. Despite the fact we work in the same industry and even for the same studios we never had the chance to realize a project together. Until now.” [Read more]

The Cliff Short Film Fabrice Le Nezet Optical Arts | STASH MAGAZINE

A Dog Haunts “The Cliff” in New Short Film by Fabrice Le Nezet and Optical Arts

Director Fabrice Le Nezet and friends at London studio Optical Arts rework codes from noir fiction in their new short film The Cliff, an artful rendering of a dog’s dream-like return from the dead. [Read more]

Microbots Short Film by Arran Bish | STASH MAGAZINE

Lighten Up with “Microbots” Short Film by Arran Bish

Quirky minimalist robots and note-perfect sound design snap together into a delightful CG short film called Microbots from Brighton-based 3D motion designer Arran Bish​​​​​​​ and the audio talents at BXFTYS. [Read more]

Pieces Short Film by Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pieces” Short Film by Fabian Aerts

Expanding on a visual direction explored in his spec 2020 title sequence “We Were Young”, CG artist Fabian Aerts releases the striking and introspective short film Pieces built around the concept “You are your worst enemy”. [Read more]

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Teaser by State | STASH MAGAZINE

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Teaser by State

From the team at Paramount Plus: “To launch the latest Star Trek series on Paramount+, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, we tasked the great minds at State to help us tease the worlds the viewers will be visiting.” [Read more]