Template Message short film by Marin Martinie | STASH MAGAZINE

“Template Message” Short Film by Marin Martinie

Director/animator Marin Martinie in Paris: “[My] short animation film for graduation at EnsAD, Paris. What is exactly the fundamental tension between the still picture and motion picture? [Read more]

Clash of Clans "No More CLASHMAS?!" by Psyop | STASH MAGAZINE

Clash of Clans “No More CLASHMAS?!” by Psyop

Director Trevor Conrad extends the manic fun of Psyop’s extensive body of work for Supercell’s Clash of Clans into the 2020 holiday season with this densely packed and perfectly-paced comedic exercise thru Wieden+Kennedy Portland. [Read more]

Chiesi Cystinosis A Rare Disease by Musclebeaver | STASH MAGAZINE

“Cystinosis : A Rare Disease” by Musclebeaver

German animation/illustration/design duo Andreas Kronbeck and Tobias Knipf (aka Musclebeaver) conjure a delightful world full of graphically quirky characters for this explainer designed to engage kids suffering from Cystinosis. [Read more]

The White Stripes Let's Shake Hands Music Video by Wartella | STASH MAGAZINE

The White Stripes “Let’s Shake Hands” Music Video by Mike Wartella

Underground cartoonist/animator/director Mike Wartella and his Brooklyn studio Dream Factory Animation roll out the requisite hand-made, low tech techniques for a White Stripes song in this messy visual blast for “Let’s Shake Hands” from The White Stripes Greatest Hits released Dec. 2020. [Read more]

Destination Canada Stories of Nice by Wonderlust | STASH MAGAZINE

Canadian “Stories of Nice” by Wonderlust

Powered by the lyrics Irene Sankoff and David Hein (writers of the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit “Come From Away”) this rollicking love letter to Canada was created by Wonderlust in Halifax and features an array of animators and illustrators. [Read more]

Coca-Cola x Twitch Drink Break by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

Coca-Cola x Twitch “Drink Break” by Laundry

Laundry ECD PJ Richardson in Los Angeles: “In collaboration with the KO:OP [Coke’s inhouse creative team], we took on the challenge of making the moments in between twitch streams the ultimate Coca-Cola branded ‘Drink break’. [Read more]