#wemattertoo short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Every Sentence Shouldn’t be a Death Sentence.”

International production company Park Pictures director Savanah Leaf and Park Pictures executive producer Cody Ryder shed light on the dangerous lack of health and safety standards for incarcerated individuals during the COVID-19 crisis in “#WeMatterToo”, an animated PSA created in partnership with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) and Imagine Justice. [Read more]

Au Coin du Feu // By the Fireplace short film by Freshly Baked | STASH MAGAZINE

Reflecting on the Joy of Gathering with Friends in “Au Coin du Feu” Short Film

From Freshly Baked Animation: “Freshly Baked is an international team, and right now its members are scattered over France, Denmark, and Ireland. Recently we had the chance to gather in a house in the French countryside and make Au Coin du Feu (By the Fireplace), a short film about the small things we can enjoy in everyday life with the people close to us. [Read more]

SYMBIOSIS art collaboration | STASH MAGAZINE

Sound Designers Take the Lead in “Symbiosis” Motion Collaboration

Moscow motion and concept designer Maslov Sergey gathers 19 sound designers and 22 motion designers to reverse the usual motion-first production pipeline and reveal “the full creative abilities of both professions.” [Read more]

Miyagi Trenchtown music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Miyagi “Trenchtown” Music Video by Shakhnazar Borboev

Bob Marley drives the BttF Delorean. That’s all you really need to know about this beautifully illustrated widescreen video for Russian rapper Miyagi’s ode to Jamaica’s greatest cultural export by artist/animator Shakhnazar Borboev. [Read more]

Incredible Ant concept trailer by CRCR | STASH MAGAZINE

“Incredible Ant” Concept Trailer by CRCR

French creative collective CRCR packs non-stop action and plenty of dynamic camera work into this trailer for the new Alibaba Pictures animated series Incredible Ant (26 x 11′). [Read more]

Gunther short film by Erick Oh | STASH MAGAZINE

Erick Oh’s “Gunther” Will Make You Feel Less Weird

Former Pixar animator Erick Oh (Finding Dory, Inside Out, Brave, etc.) breaks free from narrative logic in this six-minute parade of absurdist characters lead by Gunther, a mischievous sausage with an uncontrollable urge to dance. [Read more]