A Single Life short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Oscar-nominated Time Travel Tale “A Single Life”

Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 and screened at over 200 festivals, “A Single Life” from Dutch directing trio (and Stash faves) Job, Joris & Marieke is the first time travel story that might actually make sense. [Watch]

The Biggs Breech Delivery | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Bruson: The Biggs “Breech Delivery”

Sao Paulo designer/director Daniel Bruson, who directed the powerful NSPCC “Pete’s Story” spot last year, changes gears completely in this frenetic Basquiat-flavored video for Brazilian power punk trio The Biggs. [Watch]

The Mill Story of OJ | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill and Titmouse Animate JAY-Z’s “The Story Of O.J.”

The racial stereotypes perpetuated by animated shorts from Disney, Fleischer, Warner Bros. and others in the 1930s-40s take on a somber new power in this JAY-Z video designed and animated by The Mill with Titmouse handling character animation. [Watch]

Morning Coffee short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Surviving Your “Morning Coffee”

Five students at Gobelins School in Paris make a strong case for switching to decaf (and the single life) in “Morning Coffee,” their Master of Arts in Character Animation project. [Watch]

Anik Rosenblum_Dancing Line | STASH MAGAZINE

Free as F*ck: Celebrating Diversity on Canada’s 150th

Without a Mountie or beaver in sight, Anik Rosenblum and Dancing Line Productions in Vancouver help Canada mark 150 years with this jaunty, feel-good animation commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. [Watch]

Seoro Oh_OO animated film | STASH MAGAZINE

“(OO)” Trailer: Burning Nostrils and Lots of Snot

South Korean animator/illustrator Seoro Oh established his knack for finding the laughs in involuntary human behavior with his exploration of drowsiness in “Afternoon Class.” Next up, sneezing. [Watch]