USA for UNHCR "Abdallah’s Refugee Story" by Demo Duck | STASH MAGAZINE

USA for UNHCR “Abdallah’s Refugee Story” by Demo Duck

Producer Katie Johnston-Smith at Demo Duck in Chicago: “We had the honor of bringing a young refugee’s story to life for World Refugee Day 2021. Meet Abdallah, an EMT on the frontlines of the pandemic who was resettled in the U.S. as a teen. [Read more]

Sandy Hook Promise "A Couple Minutes" by Taylor James | STASH MAGAZINE

Sandy Hook Promise “A Couple Minutes” Brand Film by Taylor James

Producer Daniel Behnken at Taylor James in New York: “This project was 100% about social impact for us. Gun reform in the United States is long overdue, and we’re honored to be working with Sandy Hook Promise and to be a part of a project that is going to help shape society for the better.” [Read more]

Nicolo Bianchino Intro's Google Workspace Icons | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolo Bianchino Intro’s Google Workspace Icons

Director/designer/illustrator/animator Nicolo Bianchino: “Google revealed a new set of refined icons for their launch of Google Workspace, unifying the set in a layered and intersecting design language.” [Read more]

Carolina Herrera Gem Collection Brand Films by Bark & Bite | STASH MAGAZINE

Carolina Herrera Gem Collection Brand Films by Bark & Bite

Bark & Bite in Leeds/London: “Continuing our collaboration with Carolina Herrera on their Gem Collection, we were tasked with producing a campaign that paid tribute to the heritage of the brand and their commitment to creative excellence.” [Read more]

Hidden Level "Airspace Monitoring Service" Explainer by Sam Tato | STASH MAGAZINE

Hidden Level “Airspace Monitoring Service” Explainer by Sam Tato

Given the rising tide of assembly-line explainer videos, finding a truly elegant and engaging project feels all the more rewarding. Case in point: this VO-free view into the tech of drone monitoring by CG artist and motion designer Sam Tato. [Read more]

Facebook "Cybersec" Brand Film by Kijek/Adamski | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Cybersec” Brand Film by Kijek/Adamski

Directors Kasia Kijek and Przemek Adamski at Kijek/Adamski in Warsaw, Poland: “Someone breaking into your Facebook account is like someone breaking into your home. A short video about cybersecurity commissioned by Facebook.” [Read more]