Nipponpaint Automotive “LOOP” Brand Film by Kakeru Mizui | STASH MAGAZINE

Nippon Paint Automotive “LOOP” Brand Film by Kakeru Mizui

Director/animator Kakeru Mizui in Tokyo: “Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings is a division that develops the colors of the future. So what is the color of the future?” [Read more]

Balenciaga Spring '22 Clone Collection by MPC | STASH MAGAZINE

Balenciaga Spring ’22 Clone Collection by MPC

CD Marcus Dryden and the MPC crew combine deepfake AI/machine learning, a real-time game engine, and hands-on VFX work to clone American artist Eliza Douglas and wrap her in every look from Balenciaga’s Spring ’22 collection. [Read more]

Bayer "10 Leaps" Brand Film Project Montage by Fluent | STASH MAGAZINE

Bayer “10 Leaps” Brand Film Montage by Fluent

Fluent Studio in London: “We worked with global agency Optimist Inc in creating 10 animated films to tell a wider brand story for Bayer. The concepts were based on paradigm shifts and impossible breakthroughs in life sciences.” [Read more]

Bang & Olufsen "Beolab 28" Brand Film by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

Bang & Olufsen “Beolab 28” Brand Film by ManvsMachine

ManvsMachine: “Design-led audio pioneers Bang & Olufsen approached ManvsMachine with the task of showcasing their innovative Beolab 28 sound system.” [Read more]

Hublot "Integral Full Sapphire" Launch Film (R&D Edit) | STASH MAGAZINE

Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire Launch Film (R&D Edit)

Following on striking product reveals from Frame and Korb, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot turns to the Tendril crew for more intimate and tangible CG beauty to launch the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire (MSRP $422,000). [Read more]

Swiss line "Force Vitale" Promo by Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

Swiss line “Force Vitale” Launch Film by Miki Nemcek

Director/animator Miki Nemcek in Prague: “Swiss line Cosmetics asked me to create a promo animation for their new launch of Force Vitale collection, their mildest and most original-looking skin product.” [Read more]