The Vegan Society "Teen Hub" by Dinos & Teacups | STASH MAGAZINE

The Vegan Society “Teen Hub” by Dinos & Teacups

Director/animator Charlie Gagné at Dinos & Teacups in Montreal: “So after receiving one too many project inquiries for animal products, I decided it was time to cut the crap and start aligning my personal values with the animation work I choose to put out there. [Read more]

WWF "Less Noise, More Life" by Linetest | STASH MAGAZINE

WWF “Less Noise, More Life” by Linetest

Vancouver animation studio Linetest craft a prismatic mix of 2D and 3D styles to illustrate the growing impact of ocean noise pollution on the bowhead whale population for the WWF Arctic Programme in Canada. [Read more]

Colin Ozawa Lifts Spirits with "Takeon Dream" | STASH MAGAZINE

Colin Ozawa Lifts Spirits with “Takeon Dream”

Designer/animator Colin Ozawa in Los Angeles: “During the midst of the pandemic, I came together with my friends at [fashion label] Takeon to develop and create something that would help lift our spirits during the uncertain times. [Read more]

Adidas "Making Strides" Submission by Freek Freriks | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas “Making Strides” Submission by Freek Freriks

Dutch motion designer and 3D artist Freek Freriks in Rotterdam: “The Making Strides contest is an initiative to elevate and celebrate young female talent in tech with the goal to challenge and enable creators to design their own version of the Wind.RDY Parka Jacket, from the Adidas x Karlie Kloss collection. [Read more]

"Ghost Recon Breakpoint Autonomous Weapons Timeline" by Antibody | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ghost Recon Breakpoint Autonomous Weapons Timeline” by Antibody

Creative director Patrick Clair and the Antibody crew team with Mathematic Paris to dramatize a throughline to the near future where autonomous weapons are a definite problem in this ominous work for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. [Read more]

Squarespace "Walt Clyde Frazier" Brand Film by Gunner

Squarespace “Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier” Brand Film by Gunner

Gunner animation and illustration studio in Detroit: “Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s metamorphosis from larger-than-life New York Knick’s legend to building his St Croix mini-rental empire.” [Read more]