Spotify Anchor Podcast Subscriptions Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Spotify “Anchor Podcast Subscriptions” Brand Film by Oddfellows

From the team at Oddfellows in Portland, OR: “Great podcasts need great listeners. We went beyond explaining how paid subscriptions work to tap into the emotional power of the podcast medium.” [Read more]

ESPN NHL Paul Mitchell Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN NHL Brand Film by Paul Mitchell and Elastic

Exploring the concept of “what lies underneath the ice”, creative director Paul Mitchell and the crew at Elastic mark the return of NHL games to ESPN (after 20 years) with this ambitious and frosty mix of CG and 2D motion design. [Read more]

Niceshit Gross Brewery Blue Dog IPA | STASH MAGAZINE

Niceshit and Gross Brewery Team Up for “Blue Dog IPA”

In a unique collaboration, Barcelona design and animation studio Niceshit creates a manic brand film for their friends at Basque brewery Gross, who in turn released a limited-edition Niceshit IPA called Blue Dog. [Read more]


UEFA EURO 2024 Branding Launch Film by VMLY&R and Giant Ant

From the release: The brand identity for UEFA EURO 2024 promotes a EURO that welcomes everyone and celebrates diversity. [Read more]

Royal Botania Calypso Lounge Fat Tony Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Royal Botania “Calypso Lounge” Product Film by Fat Tony Studio

From the team at Fat Tony Studio in The Hague, Netherlands: “This is a promotional film made for the Calypso Lounge, the newest modular lounge seating Belgian furniture brand Royal Botania.” [Read more]

Beatport Rebrand Launch Film Johan Alenius | STASH MAGAZINE

Beatport Rebrand Launch Film by Johan Alenius

Director/animator Johan Alenius in Stockholm, Sweden: “This is the launch film I made for music and DJ platform Beatport showcasing their new brand by Kurppa Hosk.” [Read more]