Tendril and Shane Griffin Relaunch the Mercedes-Benz AG GLC | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril and Shane Griffin Light Up the New GLC in Relaunch for Mercedes-Benz

Aiming to “evoke a feeling of growth and rebirth”, director Shane Griffin and the team at Tendril merge live-action, CG, and virtual production into an opulent relaunch film for the Mercedes-Benz GLC thru Merkley+Partners. [Watch]

Dobro MetaOffice of the Future Kaspersky | STASH MAGAZINE

Dobro Locks Down the Meta-Office of the Future for Kaspersky

Montenegro and UAE-based CG studio dobro acts as tour guide in this ambitious explainer of how multinational cybersecurity company Kaspersky plans to keep future office life secure in the age of human augmentation. [Watch]

HBF BAO Collection jformento | STASH MAGAZINE

jformento Get Comfortable with the “Bao” Collection for HBF

Director/animator Jonathan Formento at jformento in London: “We’re really excited to share another wonderful 3D animation and film created for HBF, [a two-hundred-year-old furniture maker in North Carolina]. [Watch]

2023 TIAF Taichung International Animation Film Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

MixCode Take Flight for the 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival

Director Evan Chiu at MixCode in Taipei: “The 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival presents the work of creators from Taiwan and worldwide with ‘Between Light and Shadow’ as the curatorial theme. [Watch]

Samsung HMD Odyssey Aleksandr Smirnov The Ciners | STASH MAGAZINE

Aleksandr Smirnov Immerses You in Style for Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset

In this spec spot, director/CG artist Aleksandr Smirnov and the CG crew at The Ciners in London conjure an atmosphere of intrigue and envy by framing Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR headset as an uber-fashionable must-have. [Watch]

Giant Ant and Rover To My Hooman | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Delivers an Adorable Message “To My Hooman” for Rover

Narrated by Rooster the dog, this quirky/adorable brand film animated by Vancouver storytellers Giant Ant anchors a surprisingly emotional new campaign from Seattle agency Little Hands of Stone (LHoS) for pet care platform Rover. [Watch]