Polymath and Semaphore Design a Diagnosis for EosDx | STASH MAGAZINE

Polymath and Semaphore Design a Diagnosis for EosDx

Cincinnati-based brothers Kevin and Douglas Gautraud bring together their respective studios (motion design house Polymath and prodco Semaphore) to elevate the art of the explainer for cancer diagnostics company EosDx. [Watch]

Ultra Bounce Case CASETiFY brand film Superdesigners | STASH MAGAZINE

Superdesigners Try to Destroy CASETiFY’s Ultra Bounce Case

The design and animation team at Superdesigners studio in Hong Kong subjects CASETiFY’s new Ultra Bounce Case to a barrage of virtual perils and prat falls in a fun new brand film. [Watch]

BarkandBite Crocs Off Court | STASH MAGAZIINE

Bark&Bite Takes Croc’s “Off Court” and Into Print

Inspired by print magazines and fanzines, the design and animation crew at Bark&Bite in London say they “aimed at pulling on nostalgic heartstrings” in their first work for Crocs. [Watch]

PUBG Mobile promo by B-O-D studio | STASH MAGAZINE

B-O-D studio Unleashes Electric Promo for PUBG Mobile

Gifted with creative freedom by the client, B-O-D studio in Beijing unleashes an adrenalin blast of hyper-parkour action, cool weapons, and hapless zombies in this promo for the free battle royale shooter PUBG Mobile. [Watch]

Milford Merge Gardens Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Milford Adds a Little Mystery to FuturePlay’s Merge Gardens

Danish animation director Kim Hagen Jensen and the Milford Animation team in Stockholm, conjure some fabulously freakish flora for the relaunch of FuturePlay’s free-to-play puzzle game Merge Gardens. [Watch]

Adobe Substance 3D Assets video Sebastian Marek | STASH MAGAZINE

Sebastian Marek Adds Style to Adobe Substance 3D

Warsaw-based 3D artist Sebastian Marek designs and directs a playful brand video highlighting the key features and benefits of the Adobe Substance 3D asset library. [Watch]