WWF Market Locally Sourced Brand Film Ethem Cem | STASH MAGAZINE

WWF Market “Locally Sourced” Brand Film by Ethem Cem

Director/designer Ethem Cem in Istanbul, Turkey: “WWF Market offers a wide selection of products ranging from sustainably made clothes to zero plastic alternatives for everyday use. All products are sewed in fair-trade certified ateliers and distributed using eco-friendly packaging.” [Read more]

Alkemy X 40th anniversary | STASH MAGAZINE

Alkemy X Celebrates 40th anniversary with Deep Fake Fun

From the release: “To mark 40 years since the company was founded, Alkemy X is celebrating its milestone anniversary by temporarily rebranding back to a 1981 version of itself in a playful re-imagining of its launch.” [Read more]

Adidas Triple Black Collection Woodwork | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas “Triple Black Collection” Campaign Film by Woodwork

From the team at Woodwork in Amsterdam: “Working in close collaboration with the adidas in-house digital creative team at Studio A, we used the solar eclipse as our main catalyst, envisioning a film that is driven by the concept of Dark Mode Enabled.” [Read more]

Stash issue 150 main image | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash Drops Landmark 150th Issue – Watch the Trailer

The landmark 150th issue of Stash just dropped and we could not be more proud. Together with our subscribers, submitters, and fans we’ve built the planet’s largest motion design archive while providing inspiration and insight for professionals and students in over 100 countries. [Read more]

Node Brand Film Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

“Node” Brand Film by The Furrow

From the team at The Furrow in Lexington, KY: “This project originated from a platform that gave users visual insight into how their data was performing. Although the brand dissolved, we wanted to explore and further develop the content to see what could have been.” [Read more]

LunarCrush The Lunar Metropolis Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

LunarCrush “The Lunar Metropolis” Brand Film by Oddfellows

From the team at Oddfellows in Portland, OR: “LunarCrush is the social intelligence company that empowers their community as they navigate the chaotic world of crypto.” [Read more]