VanMoof "Ride The Future Together" by The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

VanMoof “Ride The Future Together” with The Mill

VanMoof, the Dutch maker of bicycles and electric bicycles continues commissioning some of the coolest brand films on the planet with this latest one arriving courtesy of creative director Tom Dibb and The Mill team. [Read more]

DAIZE Brand Mood Film by The Dink and Sebastian Helene | STASH MAGAZINE

DAIZE Brand Mood Film by The Dink and Sebastian Helene

Director/animator The Dink in London: “DAIZE is a Canadian based vape brand that launched in 2020. High12 [a Toronto consumer packaged goods cannabis company] approached us to create the hero key art for the DAIZE print campaigns as well as a brand mood film.” [Read more]

Lotus Bluetooth Speaker Product Concept by MyFlower Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Lotus Bluetooth Speaker Product Concept by MyFlower Studio

Sylvain Tardiveau, director/motion designer at MyFlower Studio in Albi, France: “The Lotus Bluetooth speaker is currently still under development but the client wanted to highlight the stunning design and the wood material as well as illustrate the fabulous acoustic properties of the wood. [Read more]

Bureau Klaus Alman Intro's Coto Studios' Supertamp | STASH MAGAZINE

Bureau Klaus Alman Intro’s Coto Studios’ Supertamp

Thomas Hermes at Bureau Klaus Alman in Cologne, Germany: “We created a short product teaser for our friends at Gerdesmeyer Krohn, who designed a new espresso tamper called Supertamp for Coto Studios.” [Read more]

Stash 145 video preview video | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 145 Drops Two Hours of Motion Mastery

Grab a peek at this two-minute cutdown of the new design, animation, and VFX work jammed into Stash 145, the latest must-see addition to the planet’s largest (and most inspiring) motion archive – aka the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed “Unbreakable” by ROOF Studio

The team at ROOF Studio in New York engage their talents for hyper-detailed worlds and characters to elevate this film designed to raise awareness of NTM Lung Disease for biopharmaceutical brand Insmed thru agency AREA 23. [Read more]