DixonBaxi: 15 Years Young

Running a successful design business for a decade and a half is beyond tough. Keeping your creative output intriguing and meaningful while you do it is a balancing act few studios master. Meanwhile in London, 15 years after their launch, branding and motion house DixonBaxi seem to be just getting underway. [Read more]

Thomas Heckel_HUGE Anniversary | STASH MAGAZINE

Thomas Heckel Celebrates a HUGE Anniversary

Riveting stream of cool work produced by multi-national digital studio HUGE over the last 15 years made even cooler in this serial-blast of multi-media by New York motion designer and graphics animator Thomas Heckel. [Read more]

Montage 2011 Adam Gault | STASH MAGAZINE

Adam Gault Breaks the Montage Mold

The idea of a motion design reel is to break out of the clutter, distinguish yourself and/or your studio from the hundreds of other eager young creatives (including Mr. Gault) clamoring for the client’s attention. Here’s the thing: 99% of those reels surgically string clips back to back and hope for the best. Then there […] [Read more]