Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
CNN Style The Evolution of Red Lipstick | STASH MAGAZINE

CNN Style “The Evolution of Red Lipstick”

The CNN Motion crew illuminates the surprising and socially complex 5,000-year history of red-colored lips in this beautifully illustrated explainer with art direction by Ignacio Osorio and Alexander Sears. [Watch]

Citizen Impeachment 2020 explainer video | STASH MAGAZINE

“Citizen Impeachment 2020” by Spillt

Ed Rhine ECD at design/animation agency Spillt in Denver: “Setting aside that the messaging can be divisive or reductionist depending on your political alignment, we thoroughly stand behind the citizen’s power to be the center of democracy through the right to vote. [Watch]

Bocuse Institute Naming campaign | STASH MAGAZINE

Institut Paul Bocuse Naming campaign by Cyril Calgaro

Art director and motion designer Cyril Calgaro in Lyon, France: “I created this video for a campaign to promote a naming campaign for the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon. [Watch]

Stash 139 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Faire Manifesto by oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Faire’s Friendly “Manifesto” by Oddfellows

Creative director Jarratt Moody and the oddfellows design and animation crew wrap this explainer for online wholesale marketplace Faire in a soft, minimal, and ultimately welcoming illustration style. [Watch]