RSA Shorts The Attention Economy by Olga Makarchuk | STASH MAGAZINE

RSA Shorts “The Attention Economy” by Olga Makarchuk

Director/animator Olga Makarchuk in London: “How to keep freedom of attention in the times of digital distraction… The Royal Society of Arts commission, based on a lecture of James Williams.” [Watch]

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by Grabit | STASH MAGAZINE

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by South Korean Studio Grabit

Director/team leader Jaewoo Lee at creative agency Grabit in South Korea: “We have gone through numerous planning processes for a brand project called the ‘Thinking Lab’. [Watch]

The Pure Insider explainer video by Al Boardman | STASH MAGAZINE

Al Boardman’s Minimalist Explainer Video for Pure

Director/designer Al Boardman in Hampshire, England: “I teamed up with US creative agency Farmuse to create this short explainer video [and we] worked hard to create an abstract, yet sophisticated set of designs, illustrations, and animation to help tell the story of the unique approach that Pure insurance delivers.” [Watch]

BBC Ideas Resilience by Kong Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Kong Studio Reinforces the Importance of “Resilience” for BBC Ideas

Co-founders Bill Elliott and Tom Baker at Kong Studio in London: “2020 has been a rough ride for many people around the world. The need to be resilient on both personal and societal levels seems ever more important. [Watch]

Unbabel The Technology Behind Machine Translation | STASH MAGAZINE

Favo Studio Reveals “The Technology Behind Machine Translation”

In this second video in a series of explainers for Unbabel and their AI-powered translation platform, Favo Studio in Porto, Portugal perform their own translation magic – converting complex language concepts into fun and engaging visuals. [Watch]

Built for Zero explainer by The Furrow | STASH MAGAZINE

The Furrow and Built for Zero Take on Homelessness

The Furrow design and animation studio in Lexington, Kentucky just released this thoughtful and engaging explainer for US non-profit Community Solutions and their Built for Zero initiative focused on “creating a future where homelessness is never inevitable or a way of life.” [Watch]

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