Theos Worlds Apart Explainer Emily Downe | STASH MAGAZINE

Theos “Worlds Apart” Explainer by Emily Downe

Director/animator Emily Downe in London: “Worlds Apart is a short animation that travels through a whirlwind of questions surrounding the science and religion debate.” [Watch]

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Twenty Thousand Hertz

“Welcome to Synth” Explainer by The Furrow and Sanctus

The design and animation crew at The Furrow team with music/sound design studio Sanctus and the Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast to demystify the power and creative possibilities of synthesizers. [Watch]

Fern Amplifies Nonprofit Donations for Overflow

From the design and animation team at Fern in Atlanta: “Overflow is an online stocks donation platform that helps nonprofits and churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock. “We popped in to help make this beautiful brand more shareable through visual storytelling. We added motion to help explain ways that their brand is changing the way […] [Watch]

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Le Cube Helps CreateMe Achieve “The Opposite” With New Explainer

From the team at Le Cube in Buenos Aires: “When CreateMe invited us to collaborate in their fashion industry revolution, we couldn’t be happier to bring our vision to the mix.” [Watch]

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