CryptoCubes Explainer by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Demystifies CryptoCubes with Many More Cubes

CD Jorge R. Canedo E. at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “Han, the mastermind behind the CryptoCubes NFTs, entrusted us to create an animation that captures the essence of his project as well as its role in uniting artists with CryptoCubes Creators. And what better way to do it than in Han’s signature style: a minimalist, cube-centric design. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE
Newlab at Michigan Central Explainer by Lunar North | STASH MAGAZINE

Lunar North Brings the Future of Mobility to Life for Newlab

The crew at Detroit design, animation, and post studio Lunar North help clarify the mission of Newlab’s newest deep-tech incubator in the heart of their city with this approachable and engaging explainer. [Watch]

Typeface generative AI explainer Leftchannel | STASH MAGAZINE

Typeface Launch Film Offers a Peek into the Future of AI in Design and Branding

If you were wondering just how and when AI could impact the design/branding industry, this explainer from Leftchannel for San Francisco generative AI company Typeface should provide clarity on both fronts. [Watch]

Gira GiraOne Product Film by FEEDMEE | STASH MAGAZINE

FEEDMEE Elevates the Explainer for Gira’s GiraOne Smart Home System

Cologne creative agency FEEDMEE raises the bar for B2B explainer films with this elegant and artful combination of information and emotional engagement for the German smart home brand Gira. [Watch]

World Economic Forum The World Has a Waste Problem Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

World Economic Forum “The World Has a Waste Problem” Explainer

Motion designer Albert Skowroński in Poznań, Poland: “Together, humans churn out an epic two billion tons of trash a year. To put that into perspective, if all this waste was lined up, it would go around the Earth 24 times. And that’s projected to grow by 70% in the next 30 years. [Watch]

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