NexCell Nature x Future Product Film JL Design Computerface | STASH MAGAZINE

JL Design and Computerface Merge “Nature x Future” in NexCell Product Film

From the team at JL Design in Taipei, Taiwan: “Nature x Future is the core idea in this film explaining NexCell’s new manufacturing process substituting traditional chemical foaming with physical foaming, a process that is 100% recyclable and has zero waste.” [Watch]

Bible Society Easter We Are Batch | STASH MAGAZINE

We Are Batch Explores the Stress of Modern Life for the Bible Society

From the team at We Are Batch in Cape Town, SA: “Bible Society needed a piece for their Easter campaign that encapsulated the struggles and concerns of modern-day life, especially the ones we seldom have control over.” [Watch]

What is GitHub by Buck | STASH MAGAZINE

What is GitHub? Buck and a Duck Explain

ECD Vincent Lammers and the Amsterdam studio of Buck head up a massive, multi-technique effort to demystify who and what the software company GitHub is and raise its profile outside the traditional user base of developers. [Watch]

Found Weight Loss App explainer Illo | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Keeps it Light for Found Weight Loss App

Creative directors Cristina Pasquale and Ilenia Notarangelo at Illo in Turin, Italy: “Found is not just a doctor-led weight loss app, but a platform offering a new lifestyle. It provides clinical treatment as well as coaching for issues related to weight care, support, nutrition, and exercise, helping users start – and maintain a healthier life. [Watch]

WhatIF Foods A Better Better LOBO FableWorks | STASH MAGAZINE

LOBO and Fable.Works Help WhatIF Foods Find “A Better Better”

Planet-based food brand WhatIF doubles down on their commitment to Earth-friendly production in this snappy :60 anthem film filled with quirky characters and snappy animation from LOBO thru agency Fable.Works. [Watch]

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