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Spline-Explainer-video-by-Ordinary-Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Uses Spline to Introduce Spline

While brand explainer films are now ubiquitous, there are very few that actually use the featured product to create the finished visuals – like, say, this one by Vancouver’s Ordinary Folk for the browser-based real-time 3D app Spline. [Watch]

Impulse Records Oliver Nelson The Blues And The Abstract Truth by Basa | STASH MAGAZINE

Impulse Records “Oliver Nelson: The Blues And The Abstract Truth” by Basa

Creative Director Diego Huacuja T. at BASA in Mexico City: “This is one of three videos we created for the 60th anniversary of the legendary jazz label Impulse Records. [Watch]

UNIL Sexism and Sexual Harassment Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

UNIL “Sexism and Sexual Harassment” Explainer by

Elisa Ciocca, lead motion designer at, Lausanne, Switzerland: “With this motion design piece, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) takes a firm stand: discrimination of any kind is never OK. [Watch]

Reapit Explainer by Quite Franckly | STASH MAGAZINE

Reapit Prop-Tech Explainer by Quite Franckly

Grant Franck, owner/CD at Quite Franckly in Cape Town, South Africa: “We partnered with Reapit, a world leader in providing Property CRM software solutions to create an animated experience for their new product offering. [Watch]

Illo Highlights Biodiversity for The Nature Conservancy | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Highlights Biodiversity in Vibrant Explainer for The Nature Conservancy

From the team at Illo in Turin, Italy: “This video is part of a motion series we created for The Nature Conservancy on what we can do to preserve our planet.” [Watch]