Bible Society Easter We Are Batch | STASH MAGAZINE

We Are Batch Explores the Stress of Modern Life for the Bible Society

From the team at We Are Batch in Cape Town, SA: “Bible Society needed a piece for their Easter campaign that encapsulated the struggles and concerns of modern-day life, especially the ones we seldom have control over.” [Watch]

Nearpod The Outsiders Educational Film We Are Batch | STASH MAGAZINE

Nearpod “The Outsiders” Educational Film by We Are Batch (Director’s Cut)

From We Are Batch in Cape Town, South Africa: “We were approached by the student engagement platform Nearpod to create an educational film of the 1963 novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The challenge? Teenagers studying the book in classrooms today have to find it relatable. [Watch]

Stash 130 trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
The DIver animated short by Batch | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Diver” Animated Short by Batch

New on the Stash radar: an all-female animation and motion design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa called Batch. And the “The Diver” is the perfectly quirky short film that caught our eye. [Watch]