Impulse Records Oliver Nelson The Blues And The Abstract Truth by Basa | STASH MAGAZINE

Impulse Records “Oliver Nelson: The Blues And The Abstract Truth” by Basa

Creative Director Diego Huacuja T. at BASA in Mexico City: “This is one of three videos we created for the 60th anniversary of the legendary jazz label Impulse Records. [Watch]

UNIL Sexism and Sexual Harassment Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

UNIL “Sexism and Sexual Harassment” Explainer by

Elisa Ciocca, lead motion designer at, Lausanne, Switzerland: “With this motion design piece, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) takes a firm stand: discrimination of any kind is never OK. [Watch]

Reapit Explainer by Quite Franckly | STASH MAGAZINE

Reapit Prop-Tech Explainer by Quite Franckly

Grant Franck, owner/CD at Quite Franckly in Cape Town, South Africa: “We partnered with Reapit, a world leader in providing Property CRM software solutions to create an animated experience for their new product offering. [Watch]

Illo Highlights Biodiversity for The Nature Conservancy | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Highlights Biodiversity in Vibrant Explainer for The Nature Conservancy

From the team at Illo in Turin, Italy: “This video is part of a motion series we created for The Nature Conservancy on what we can do to preserve our planet.” [Watch]

Stash 151 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Ecology Action Center Marine Protected Areas Wonderlust | STASH MAGAZINE

Ecology Action Center “Marine Protected Areas” Explainer by Wonderlust

From the team at Wonderlust in Halifax, NS: “Marine protected areas are a tool we can use to help safeguard marine life from threats of overfishing, pollution, and climate change.” [Watch]