"Call Me by Fire" TV Series Promo by MixCode | STASH MAGAZINE

“Call Me by Fire” TV Series Promo by MixCode

Taiwan design and motion studio Mixcode channel the action and aesthetics of comic book art in this promo for Call Me By Fire, a Chinese reality TV show where 33 male entertainment celebrities compete to form a performance group. [Read more]

AJR x Daisy the Great "Record Player" Music Video by Yuval Haker | STASH MAGAZINE

AJR x Daisy the Great “Record Player” Music Video by Yuval Haker

Director/designer/animator Yuval Haker in New York: “Record Player is a song about our modern-day demons, the masks we wear, and the knees we scrape in our desire to fit in.” [Read more]

Nike "Naomi Osaka´s Multiverse" by Rudo and Psyop | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “Naomi Osaka’s Multiverse” by Rudo and Psyop

From the team at Rudo in Buenos Aires: “When Nike proposed us to work on this piece with three artists, we loved the idea – we were very lucky to work with Camille Brountin, Jesica Bianchi, and Soojin Chae. [Read more]

Roland Tempelaar "Tenderly" Music Video by Matt Smithson | STASH MAGAZINE

Roland Tempelaar “Tenderly” Music Video by Matt Smithson

Director/animator Matt Smithson: “A mostly improvised animation to a beautiful rendition of ‘Tenderly’ by [Dutch composer, pianist, and scientist] Roland Tempelaar from the upcoming album New York Chapter. [Read more]

Donerzozo Opens "Your Life is Good" for Haokan Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Donerzozo Opens “Your Life is Good” for Haokan Video

Director/animator Donerzozo in Shanghai, China: “Your Life is Good is the first self-made variety show produced by Haokan Video, which is broadcast simultaneously on Haokan Video and Southeast TV in China every week.” [Read more]

Barbra Streisand “Be Aware” Music Video by Elyse Kelly

Director Elyse Kelly brings a thoughtful approach and painterly touch to Barbra Streisand’s “Be Aware”, a song written and recorded in the 1970s to address homelessness and hunger and the first track on a new album of previously unreleased material. [Read more]