World Economic Forum The World Has a Waste Problem Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

World Economic Forum “The World Has a Waste Problem” Explainer

Motion designer Albert Skowroński in Poznań, Poland: “Together, humans churn out an epic two billion tons of trash a year. To put that into perspective, if all this waste was lined up, it would go around the Earth 24 times. And that’s projected to grow by 70% in the next 30 years. [Watch]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Film by Tim Fox | STASH MAGAZINE

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Film by Tim Fox

Tim Fox, animation director and illustrator in London: “I got so inspired by the release of the TMNT: Mutant Mayhem trailer last week I called up my friend illustrator/artist Dan Crossan and said we HAD to do a tribute. The trailer reminded me how the Ninja Turtles were a part of my life growing up so I decided to put my own spin on them. [Watch]

Parallel Studio Hermès Tea For Two Scarf | STASH MAGAZINE

Parallel Studio Adds Wit and Whimsy to Jonathan Burton’s Hermès “Tea For Two” Scarf

Paris animation studio Parallel Studio teams with UK illustrator Jonathan Burton to bring the details of his intricate “Tea For Two” Hermès scarf to life. [Watch]

Quentin-Blake-Centre-for-Illustration-Studio-AKA-Marcus-Armitage | STASH MAGAZINE

Marcus Armitage and Studio AKA Help Launch the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

Marcus Armitage, animation director at Studio AKA in London: “The aim of this film aim was to create something fun, engaging, and informative that the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration could really use to help show how influential illustration is to our lives. [Watch]

Sjaak Rood At First Sight Animated Short | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Sjaak Rood’s Incredible “At First Sight” Animated Short (Full Film)

Wildly successful on the festival circuit (94 screenings and many awards), the short film “At First Sight” by Dutch artist/animator Sjaak Rood is finally available online in all its splattery, visceral, and emotional glory. [Watch]

SVA Motion Graphics Screening Invitation by Yiting Nan | STASH MAGAZINE

SVA Motion Graphics Screening Invitation by Yiting Nan

Illustrator/animator Yiting Nan in New York: “Each year, the School of Visual Arts hosts a celebratory screening to showcase the motion graphics portfolios of their graduating class. Typically, around 30 students who elect motion graphics as their senior year portfolio class will have their work presented at the SVA Theatre. [Watch]